Top Fifteen Things from 2009 (in no particular order)

1. Got my cute baby girl Halpert. I don't remember life before her cute little self
2. Fat kid was born. Love her to death.
3. Visited Nauvoo, Illinois for the first time. So much driving and so much fun.
4. Cruised the Greek Isles and made a few stops in Turkey. Probably the best trip of all time.
5. Rode/got mangled by a Donkey, thanks Conor.
6. Drove to California all by myself. Well I didn't make it past Vegas. The car broke down (frightening) and I had to be rescued. Thanks again Conor, I love you.
7. Went back to school... for myself.
8. Played more soccer than I have since I was in High School. I remember why I love it so much.
9. Learned to drive a stick shift. Also learned that I'm a cry baby who can't handle the pressure and that there are some things that I'm just never going to be good at.
10. Saw Phantom of the Opera in Vegas. Sat right under the Chandelier.
11. Sent Conor off to Afghanistan. This is the last one. I've been promised.
12. Saw the baby girl and her parents get sealed in the Temple. Glad I could be there for them.
13. Celebrated my 3 year anniversary. Alone, again. 4th one is a charm.
14. Sold my first items on-line. I had never tried before. It was a success.
15. Let myself be influenced by the music. Happens every year.

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  1. Loved your top 15!!! Hope you are doing well. We seriously need to hang out.